Due to the positive impact and the opportunities offered by technological innovation, increasing changes in our societies, easy mobility of goods and people across the world, the opening of new  markets, cultural diversity which are all progressively becoming an  economic asset and a major tool of globalization, it was necessary to regroup Africans from the Diaspora with a new momentum and commitment to social engagement to offer its modest contribution to African

Grouped in the "Citizen Service Corps" and this with the perspective of providing knowledge acquired abroad, Cameroonians living in Germany and from various sectors have decided to unite to better canalize their expertise in order to contribute their expertise towards their home country as well as across Africa.

"Citizen Service Corps" is a network to promote entrepreneurial activities, it promotes leadership, good governance, ethics, cultural diversity and is committed to the principles of intellectual property protection for the sustainable development of Africa.

"Citizen Service Corps" is a non-profit association. It was founded on the 6th of November, 2011 and its headquarters are based in Cologne- Germany.The members of the "Citizen Service Corps" are mostly employees, entrepreneurs, managers in Western world companies. They gained knowledge and experience in various fields such as, medicine, economics, engineering, IT, various transformation techniques, finance, environment, and sport.

They are committed to providing qualified assistance to local governments, small and medium-sized enterprises, universities, research institutes etc, optimizing resources in local communities and organizing the civil society.Despite the fact that "Citizen Service Corps" is a non-profit association focused on volunteerism of its members, the fact remains that the main purpose is to provide services, create opportunities for the development of a dynamics for growth in areas such as education, new information and communication technologies, health, and energy, with a view to provide innovative and global solutions to the different development issues and the transformation of African societies.