Due to the positive impact and the opportunities offered by technological innovation, increasing changes in our societies, the easy mobility of goods and people across the world, the opening of new markets, the cultural diversity which are progressively becoming an economic asset and a major tool of globalization, it was necessary to regroup Africans from the Diaspora with a new momentum and commitment to social engagement to offer its modest contribute to the African development.

The idea of creating a network in Germany that brings together the African Diaspora with the goal to accelerate the exchange and transfer of technology to Africa, to promote entrepreneurial activities as well as support leadership in Africa, was nursed during multiple trips within Africa, trade with key players of the civil society and the development potentials resulting from a strong economic growth.

"Citizen Service Corps" is a multidisciplinary team of engineers, doctors, technicians, athletes, businessmen and students. It is defined as a civil organization under the German law and adheres to the protection of intellectual property, good governance as well as the cultural diversity for sustainable development of Africa.