In order to profitably afford, manage and secure its targeted contribution to a sustainable development of Africa, it is very important for CSC to focus on partnership with organiszation as well as people.


CSC supports it by constructive and close cooperation with its associated partners.

Focus of these collaborative partnership will then be the support as well as the strengthening of a sustainable development of Africa. In this process, CSC provides the expertise that it acquired in the West in many areas to its partners.


For a better illustration, CSC and its cooperation partners will focus on following topics:

•    Know how and technology transfer
•    Scientific debates and Exchanges
•    Publications
•    Symposiums
•    Conferences
•    Public Relations
•    Creation of a partnership between Germany and Africa
•    Support and coaching of people who return to Africa
•    Support of Income-generating activities in Africa
•    Cooperation with authorities and organizations
•    Promote the integration of Africans living in Germany
•    Organization of Educational and Expertise Trips for Africa
•    Consulting and Services
•    Implementation of developmental projects in Africa

You are an entrepreneur, private person, university,research institute, association, administration, municipality, media or an organization, etc.

Are you identifying yourself with CSC issues? Contact us, CSC will offer you individual forms of cooperation.